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Programming C# The Basics

April 19, 2015 (3pm – 5pm) Basic C # Workshop for children using visual studio tool. Find out how to use programming logic in your daily life. Meet the programming cycle and why it is used. Think algorithmically, understand the basic structures, logical and mathematical operators and apply them in developing a program. Visualized the programming cycle while creating your first program. Build several simple programs to apply what you learned.Requirements: Install Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Introduction to Video Games with Unity

April 26, 2015 (3pm – 5pm) Requirements: Basic programming knowledge. Learn how to use Unity to develop video games. Learn how to add 3D elements to your game, such as cubes, planes, among other geometrical figures. Understand the importance of object-oriented programming and the implementation of physics in video games. Requirements: Install Unity Free version

Videogames and Virtual Universes Development / Programming

May 3, 2015 (3pm – 5pm) Develop Videogames and Virtual Universes for Xbox and PC using MS Visual Studio, Visual C#. Learn how to develop XBOX and Windows PC games. How to incorporate 2D and 3D art into your games; manipulate graphics, cameras and 3D elements. Learn how to develop a game that uses XBOX gamepad, Kinect sensors and X-Virtual Pad. Requirements: Install Microsoft Visual Studio Express