PRISMACAMP Summer Workshop by Ai-Robotix Corp.

The students should follow the rules and procedures established by “PRISMA Summer Workshop” of Ai-Robotix Corp. This regulation is an agreement between the parents, students and the administrative personnel. The document was designed for the well-being, enjoyment and security of the students.
1. Complete the registration form online and submit the required documents.
2. The tuition has a cost of $695.00 with a programmed schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
3. The extended hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with no additional cost of $0.00
1. A deposit fee based on selected payment plan is required to separate the student’s place.
2. This fee is nonrefundable.
1. The students must be in their assigned group at all times.
2. The students must respect all leaders, administrative personnel and follow the rules of the program at all times.
3. The students must follow the laboratory rules.
4. The students must not bring or use alcohol, cigarettes nor illegal substances into the facilities.
5. The students must bring a letter from a parent or authorized guardian if they must leave before the departure hour established in PRISMA Summer Workshop, being 4:00 p.m.
6. The students cannot abandon the program without notifying the section leader first.
7. The corporation is not responsible for any lost items in the laboratories.
Laboratory Rules and Safety Procedures

1. The user must wear their valid credentials in a visible place. This card serves as evidence as a student of PRISMA Summer Program. It is necessary to use the     facilities and work areas. (This identification will be given on the first day.)
2. The user must complete only the academic activities assigned for the areas and times established.
3. There can only be one user per computer.
4. The user must keep their work area clean.
5. The user must have adequate behavior in their work area. It is expected to keep quiet, no screaming, no playing, not using electronic devices and stay in their      work area during work hours.
a. Talking should be kept to a minimum and at a low level. Users must not use abusive/foul language or exhibit disruptive behavior.
6. It is prohibited to enter the laboratory with any type of food, candy and/or beverage.
7. In the Computer Laboratories, the user must turn off the electronic equipment and push in their chair when they are finished.
8. It is prohibited to change position, remove cables or electronic equipment from the laboratories. If the user detects any type of equipment failure, they must be     reported to the Instructor/Professor.
9. The Professor or leader must be present in order for the students to use the equipment. If that were not the case, the use of the equipment could be denied.
10. The laboratory personnel is not responsible for the information store in the computers. It is the responsibility of the user to back up their files.
11. It is prohibited installing software without the consent of the person in charge of the Laboratory or investigative area.
12. The laboratory computers are not for personal use. Any user that fails to use the computers adequately must abandon the laboratory immediately.
13. Any user that does not follow any of the rules will be reported to the Director of PRISMACAMP Summer Workshop.
14. Any member of the teaching or administrative personnel can request the credentials of any student that incurs in any fault, and report them to the Director of PRISMACAMP Summer Workshop, resulting in disciplinary action.

Parents or Guardians Code of Conduct:

1. Parents will leave the students in the lobby , unless another agreement has been made.
2. Punctuality is very important for the full enjoyment of the activities and to avoid interruptions.
3. If a parent or guardian wishes information relating to the activities of the camp, they could be obtain by contacting the Director of PRISMA Summer Workshop or the person in charge. The workshop period must not be interrupted.
4. Once the student enters the facilities, they cannot leave without the proper authorization. In case of an emergency or a particular situation in which another person has to pick up the student, the parent/guardian must provide a written authorization or call (787)-329-8290.
5. The programmed schedule for the camp is from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. After 7:00 p.m., there will be an additional fee of $25.00 per hour (Starting at 7:01 pm) due to pickup tardiness. The fee will have to be paid on the same day. We reserve the right to refuse admission to PRISMACAMP Summer Workshop if the fee’s payment has not been received, with the exception of the students with the extended hours free of cost offer.
6. For security purposes, only enrolled students will have the opportunity of participating in the workshops and activities previously programmed.
7. The students must use appropriate clothing for the activities. It is recommended to wear long pants. Pants should not be too short. It is required to wear closed-toe shoes at all times. It is recommended to bring a sweater daily due to the air conditioned classrooms.
8. I will allow my child to participate in all of the aerial, terrestrial and aquatic activities that will take place.
9. In order to make sure that PRISMACAMP Summer Workshop is a safe and healthy place for our students, parents/guardians cannot bring students to the workshops if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:
• 101° Fahrenheit fever
• Diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
• Chronic cough
• Rapid, shallow breathing
• Conjunctivitis
• Severe rash or strange spotting on the skin
• Yellowing of the skin and eyes (Icterus/Jaundice)
• Contagious diseases such as Chickenpox/Varicella or Measles


The PRISMA  personnel is not allowed to administer any medication to the students. The responsibility of supplying the medication falls on the parents or guardians. If a student gets sick during the day in the camp, we will make everything within our reach in order to make the student comfortable until they are picked up by their parent or authorized person. The student must be isolated from their peers and will be in the infirmary.
Any student with Attention Deficit Disorder diagnostics if is being medicated, have to take their medication during the period of the camp. If the student has any physical or mental condition, a detailed certification by a doctor is required, explaining the activities that they are capable of participating.

Group Divisions:

It is important that each student belongs to a group with members of their same age or group subdivisions for their full development and enjoyment. The purpose of each activity is to enhance cognitive development of each student.

Image and Video Release:
See Image and Video Release for a Minor Child 

Our policy is to help the students to learn how to behave themselves, establishing specific limits and explaining them in a positive manner whenever necessary. Our summer workshops philosophy is to guide the students in a positive and affective manner when intervening in a conflict between participants. The students will develop as successful individuals, happy and capable of interacting in groups. If the conduct of a student is inappropriate, the procedure will be the following:
1. The camp leader will meet with the camp Director and the student.
2. The student’s parent/guardian will be notified of the inappropriate behavior in order to solve the situation.
3. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will be suspended at the discretion of the camp Director.